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When life gives you lemons….make fruit punch and throw a freakin’ party.

Hi there! My name is Jenny Goff Phillips and I am an experience enthusiast. I also happen to be a lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur, loving wife, and high school educator, but my biggest life achievement thus far is earning the title of “Mommy” to my four incredible kids (Knox, Coco, Maverick, and Poppy). Below is a snapshot about my goals for LET’s by Jenny. To read more on the evolution of how LET’s by Jenny was created, be sure to read My Big Why!

My goal is to inspire women, especially mamas, to do some serious soul searching and truly discover their best self. I want to change mindsets from “now is just not the right time” to it’s “now or never.” I want to motivate my readers to step outside of their comfort zone and jump head-on into something they never expected they would ever do! I want to hand them over a virtual platter of experiences to choose from; a menu of life. I plan to do this through sharing my unique travels, family adventures, beauty & wellness excursions, party planning endeavors, & epic food finds!

For me, personally, I get a thrill out of travelling, sight seeing, and the ultimate experience of staying in different places! My truths include getting unnecessarily crafty when a celebration or holiday is nearby, indulging in attainable luxury, and creating wonderlands for my loved ones. As a woman and mother, I believe that feeling beautiful on both the inside and out gives us super powers.

I look forward to sharing my life experiences with you. Sometimes, they will be inspiring and adventurous. Other times, they may go a little deeper and touch home on some things that are hard to talk about. I have three overall intentions:

1. Servitude. It’s important for me to give you something to takeaway from in my writing. Whether it makes you reflect, gives you advice, or motivates you to do something you would have never expected to do, that is all I really want.
2. Stay humble and be relatable. If I ever lose this piece, please let me know.
3. Connection to community. Together, humans can do the most extraordinary things…it just involves an initial ask, some prep work, and a splash of imagination. That’s what I am here for.

Whether you’d like to share a story with me or have a question, I would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in partnering with me, please contact me at LETsbyJenny@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram: @letsbyjenny.

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