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Connecting with your spouse may seem nearly impossible when you have young children, but that is when your relationship actually needs it most! 24 At-Home Date Night Ideas for Parents will take the hard part out of planning it. Just add parents!

My husband is my best friend…my soulmate…but…I have a confession to make and I am not proud of it. I do not make enough time for him in my life. I am not talking about the every day time where we wake up, tag team children like the beginning of Home Alone, rush to make breakfast (and coffee, we never forget coffee) so we can attempt to eat breakfast as a family before my eldest son starts class and my husband has to start his umpteeth-hour work day. I am also not talking about the time I have for him when he gets off of work and we tag team once again to ensure dishes, laundry, trash, homework, bills, etc. are all done. I can, at the very least, proudly say that I do ask him every day how his work day went and he always returns the sentiment…but LET’s be honest. That is just not enough. When I say I do not make enough time for my husband in my life, I mean the time to truly connect and grow our relationship. He knows I love him and we both understand that life with four young kids and one income can be challenging. We work GREAT as a team and make the impossible happen everyday…


But instead of watching a movie at night when he asks, I often choose to make sure all my orders from my online shop are filled…

But instead of cooking dinner with him when he asks, I often choose to entertain the kids so they don’t fight…

But instead of giving him the time he deserves…my time…I choose to give it away to everything else, because I know he will always be there.

This is my confession and I am not proud of it. LET’s be real for a minute, though. I think this may be many parents’ confession. So I am calling all of us out on it and demanding today that we make a change. We need to make date night a priority. [/col-md-6]


    1. EXPLORE how many dates you want per month and schedule them a month ahead. We chose 1, because that’s about all we can handle right now.
    2. ENTERTAIN the idea to get ready like its’ a real date. Aka, take down the messy bun, brush your hair and throw some shade on those lips.
    3. EAT something you can share with each other.
    4. EXPERIENCE something new. Don’t gawk at things you feel will be silly or not fun. Try it and you may surprise yourself. When stuck at home, doing something different is what can make an at-home date feel fresh and fun.
From Day to Date Night! @letsbyjenny


  1. Have a gourmet chocolate tasting night with Compartes chocolates
  2. Re-create your first date you ever went on
  3. Play your kids’ video games
  4. Plan a night stargazing and see how many constellations you can find
  5. Make a TikTok or Instagram reel together
  6. Learn some knife skills for free on craftsy.com
  7. Take a free dance lesson at LearntoDance.com
  8. Set up a virtual wine tasting with a local winery
  9. Download and play “I love you” in many languages
  10. Blind Taste Test
  11. Have an indoor picnic
  12. Youtube Karaoke
  13. Prepare dinner from another culture
  14. Do a puzzle together
  15. Make a homemade pizza
  16. Make your own candles
  17. Learn how to tie a bow tie the proper way
  18. Fondue Night
  19. Candlelit Bath
  20. Make a song playlist together
  21. The “Couples” Adventure Box – Click Here
  22. Become Cocktail Bartenders for the night with Shaker & Spoon – Click Here
  23. Help your man shave with a Luxury Razor Kit – Click Here
  24. Hire a local food truck to come to the house and set up a movie screen projector (inside or outside, it doesn’t matter…And, yes, you could watch on a television or other screen, but, again, something different.) This is the one we have and we LOVE it! Mini 1080P Projector with Sound – Click Here!

The connection with your spouse is so important to a lasting and loving relationship. I hope you take the time to find a way to make date nights a priority. If you do, I want to hear about it! Send me a note or comment below if you try any of these ideas! I would LOVE to hear from you!

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  • Tracy
    December 4, 2020

    Sweet, wonderful, heart ,caring,smart. Just a few words to describe this young woman.

    • Jenny Goff Phillips
      December 4, 2020

      That certainly means a lot so thank you. Just speaking my truths and trying to help others along the way! xoxo

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