A Christmas Tree Guide

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An artificial Christmas Tree Guide to help pick the perfect Christmas Tree for you! Created in collaboration with my top powerhouse interior designer gal pals in the DC Metropolitan area, you need this guide before picking your next artificial tree!

I have a very public love affair with trees; Most specifically, my Christmas trees. In fact, you can ask my husband or past realtor about my number one requirement when purchasing a new home…it must have at least one room with vaulted ceilings for my Christmas tree. No exceptions. LET’s experience this, together. Come November, I normally have a fully decked out tree in each room of the house with different color schemes and themes. I also spread holiday joy throughout our home with about 20 additional small to medium trees. Some themes from the past and present include Winter Wonderland, White House Christmas Ornaments, A Touch of Poinsettia, Ornaments from our Childhood, and a Pink Candy Land Tree. I love trees. I do hope to have real trees in the house one day, but due to my son’s severe allergies, we will stay away from them for now. It wasn’t until I met these amazing ladies that I found out I was not the only one in this love affair! We’re basically in a club now…and want you to be in it with us! So, let us teach you our ways!


You will need to make some decisions to help narrow down your search. To help you with this, I have compiled a list of criteria to think about, organized in the fashion of Rap Star Names, because, well,…why not?

BIGGIE SMALLS: Height is important for scalability, but does not define quality or efficiency. Remember this. Keep 1 ft of space from ceiling.
SLIM SHADY: Add 3″ to its’ diameter so you know if it will fit comfortably. For example, a 64″ diameter tree needs 67″ of space.
WAKA FLOCKA FLAME: Flocked or Not Flocked. That is the question. I have and love both!
RUN THE JEWELS: Pre-Lit or Unlit.
MONEY BAG YO: My husband ALWAYS goes by the saying. “Cost, Quality & Time. You can only pick two of them so which do you want?” Trees range anywhere from $99-$2500 and there is a reason for this. The question is which of these two criteria will you pick?

Christmas Tree Guide
LET’s By Jenny Christmas Tree Guide

Mallory Debenedetto
Mallory Debenedetto

Mallory of Mallory’s Manor’s Pick:
King of Christmas 8′ Pre-Lit (white), Flocked (King) Tree
599 (Shop This Tree)

Owned for three years. BEST flocked tree on the market. Love it because even after putting it up and down for the last three years, storage, and just general abuse from my dogs and kids touching it, playing with it, etc, the flock Is still strong. The tree will naturally “shed” throughout the season, and definitely as you assemble it, but I have not noticed any “bareness” to the tree that I know often happens with other flocked trees on the market. Install is super easy, and the lights are a perfect color. Not too “LED”, but also not too yellow. Advice: order your tree in September if not earlier, for the holiday season. King of Christmas sells out super fast every year. They typically hold a Christmas in July sale. So be on the look out!

Let’s By Jenny Christmas Tree Guide

Katie Ladrido

Katie of Healing Chow’s Pick:
Balsam Hill 7.5′ Unlit, European Fir Green Tree
499 (Shop This Tree)

Owned for three years. The price is right and the tree holds ornaments well. It stores nicely and is easy to fluff up when it’s Christmas tree time. We bought this tree when we moved into our family home. We have seasonal and outdoor allergy sufferers so this was the most hypoallergenic way we could enjoy a tree with our kids. We also wanted a tree that was unlit and unflocked in order to have more flexibility in our tree themes year for year.

LET’s By Jenny Christmas Tree Guide

Alana of Flight of Fancy, LLC’s Pick:
Amazon’s “The Pine” 9′ Pre-Lit (white), Flocked Tree
319.99 (Shop This Tree)

Owned for two years. These trees come in a variety of sizes and the brances are flame retardant PVC. The 9’ tree has 2,094 branches and 900 warm lights. It’s nice and thick, densely packed together and can hold heavier ornaments. A tree of this size is usually $900+ so for $310 this was a great price point! The bottom branches start a little higher up the trunk than the KOC trees so to hide the based and trunk, you need a slightly higher tree collar or piled up tree skirt/blanket around the trunk.

LET’s By Jenny Christmas Tree Guide

Mia Karam Belotti

Mia of Maison Warehouse’s Pick:
Lowe’s “The Arctic Pine” 7.5′ Pre-Lit (white and colored), Flocked Tree
258.85 (Shop This Tree)

Owned for four years. As a professional designer who also specializes in Christmas decor and floral design for the past 17 years, I have become very picky about what I look for in a fake tree. I prefer a tree that is full in the depths of the branches towards the trunk, and has alternating length branches that go in and out creating pockets around the tree to nestle large ornaments and branches. Some people like a very full tree with the full ness all the way out to the tips of the branches, making a uniform cone shape. For me, it is much easier to decorate a tree that has less fullness. I view the tree as a buildable base to create an arrangement on. This tree has lasted a long time, the price is right, it holds ornaments well, and looks full.

I love a flocked tree! I have had flocked trees for 15 years and I find them so charming, contrary to my husband’s view – he just sees the glitter and flocking everywhere 🤣. Another pro, it can change from color or white lights- this can also be a con if you have children in the house who insist on colored lights that alter your vision of the tree’s decor! There is a battle of wills as we constantly are tapping the foot pedal to change the from color to white all day long. We have compromised that it can be colored lights at night.   Sometimes they forget and I never remind them. One of the downfalls is glitter and flocking gets everywhere!  Unlike my newer tree, my Lowe’s tree has larger light tips on the LEDs to look more like the old incandescent bulbs- I have now grown to prefer the mini LED lights – I got used to them. I used to think they looked too fake and I wanted the LEDs to look like traditional Christmas lights. But now, I find the mini lights more delicate and elegant.

Check out more of Mia’s Designer Trees @
Maison Warehouse
21558 Stonetree Ct.
Sterling, VA 20166

LET's by Jenny
Jenny Goff Phillips

Jenny of LET’s By Jenny
Home Depot’s “Alexander Pine” 12′ Pre-lit (white), Slim Green Tree
359.40 (Shop This Tree)

Owned for five years. You obviously cannot beat the price for a 12′ tree. 2, 850 realistic branch tips with 1100 warm white lights. This was our first ever big tree and I still have it! Each layer is easy to assemble (plug in and it automatically lights). It does shed as you are assembling. You will need a ladder with any 12′ tree. It is a slimmer tree so it saves space! Some things to note. It is pretty and holds ornaments well. The lights are NOT LED and, over the past two years, my husband has had to replace about 500 lights to fix any that were burnt. When you have a tree that auto-lights when you plug into the stump, it seems ideal, BUT, when a few lights go bad and the entire layer does not work, you have no idea where the issue is. You can buy replacement bulbs for very cheap. It just takes some time to replace. But, again, it is less than $400 and 12′ tall. For storage use, it comes in one large box, which is not ideal due to how heavy it is or if you have limited space to store it, but if you want a 12′ tree and have a small budget, this is how you make it happen!

King of Christmas 12′ Pre-Lit (white), Flocked (King) Quick Shape Tree
1,699.00 (Shop This Tree)

The new backdrop to our Christmas mornings! No fluffing needed due to being a “quick-shape” tree. 74″ wide with 1650 LED warm white lights. I admit, I am going to miss my Alexander Pine and all the years of memories it holds with it, but I LOVE our new KOC tree so much! It may seem crazy to spend this type of money on a tree, but it is truly the creme de la creme of Christmas trees…and a dream tree that has taken a few years for us to finally be able to save up and afford. Full, realistic looking branches and very well made. Each layer you add on is NOT auto lit, and for good reason. It will be easier to find and replace the lights if any ever burn out. The only difference is, as you add each layer, you have to plug the traditional plug into the layer beneath. Takes a total of 10 extra minutes. It arrived in 4 separate boxes and has two 9′ Christmas tree bags. It also arrived with protective tree gloves to prevent cuts and scrapes during assembly.

Don’t forget to download the guide we created for you and PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask any questions below. I promise to answer them. If you found this guide helpful, I would love to hear from you and what you picked! Do you have a favorite tree? Tell me what you have and why you love it!?


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A Christmas Tree Guide