SNOW GLOBE SANTA: The Kid Book That Saves Christmas 2020

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Snow Globe Santa is an ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE for families during this holiday season. Author Kathryn Lee Burgess takes readers on a magical Santa adventure full of imagination, creativity, and a sprinkle of comedic relief. Written in the form of end rhymes, this trending tale helps children understand why things are a little different this Covid-filled season...because Santa is trapped in a snow globe!

Snow Globe Santa

Scheduling pictures with Santa is a really hot topic in the social media mommy feeds right now. Many are inquiring about who is still taking them, places they can go, and how they are working with Covid-19 regulations. Some are even searching for rent-a-Santas to book. Mamas, have no fear, a solution is here! The Snow Globe Santa, written by Kathryn Lees Burgess, is an extraordinary way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive while also helping children understand why they cannot sit on Santa’s lap for pictures this year. Join me in learning about the author of this innovative tale, taking an inside look on how it crossed my path, and a true story of how it helped save Christmas 2020 for the Phillips family and one very tired mama.

 Snow Globe Santa


A former elementary school teacher and military spouse, Kathryn Burgees was driven to find a way for kids to still get the entire Santa experience this year. Talent and creativity is nothing new for this photographer and mother of three. Her adventurous tale of elves accidentally trapping Santa in a snow globe until Christmas Eve this year is both brilliant and funny. It’s no wonder this book is transcending into a nationwide movement.

Creative and refreshing: crafted to keep the long-standing tradition of Santa in the hearts and minds of children.

-Stephen Arnold

The Fabled Santa


Burgess is a part of a mommy networking group I founded, Badass Moms of NOVA. When she reached out to me on social media back in October, she explained that her life had “taken a left turn this summer” and she wrote a kids book about Santa during these Covid-19 times. She then asked if I might want a copy for my kids. I did have a moment after I read her message where thoughts and questions I wasn’t ready for flooded my head…Will the kids see Santa this year? What about Reindeer Games? What do I tell my kids? Will we be able to see family? Friends? Remember, it was only October. I hadn’t given winter holidays even one thought yet. Earlier that day, my youngest son had just picked out his Halloween costume. I immediately wrote back that I not only wanted a copy of the book, but would love to share it with everyone I knew. I promised to spread the word, because I believed so much in just the idea of it. 

The book arrived on my front door step in early November…and there is no question that it helped save a little piece of Christmas 2020 for us. Yes, for my kids, which was expected…but also, for ME, the mama of three toddlers and a third grader. LET’s explore this thought for a moment.


Parents have had a rough go over the past nine months. We’ve been tasked with wearing, not one, not two, but more than 10+ hats at any given time. Parent, boss, employee, teacher, liaison, care giver, counselor, occasional friend, disciplinarian, chef, maid, night terror soother, monster-under-the-bed hunter…and a major one for me, a miracle worker! Chris and I have never been so tired in our entire life. We try to stay positive and tag team EVVVVVRRRRTHING, but it still requires A LOT of energy/brain power/patience/comfort food to create any sense of normalcy and routine around here. One of the hats that many do not speak about is the underlying, invisible task to “make it happen anyway,” especially for our kids. I know that kids are resilient and that I don’t always have to “make it happen,” but here’s the thing. The World has been turned upside down for them, too, and if I can help in some areas by “making it happen anyway” I am going to damn well try. I think many parents feel this way too.


I am in  tune with all of the other major crises currently taking place in our nation right now and I do recognize how small the issue of kids not being able to visit and sit with Santa could seem, but, it is one more let down; one more dissappointment; one more test to show how resilient kids can be. So, this book showing up on my front porch and creatively “making it happen anyway” for my kids truly helped save a piece of Christmas for this tired mama too. For this, I say thank you, Kathryn Burgess, for helping all the parents out there!


We were lucky enough to catch Santa in a snow globe last month at the Maison Warehouse owned by the wonderful Mia Karam Belotti and  located in Sterling, VA (p.s. it was my first time there and, wow, it’s a home decor dreamland). Scarlett Heart Photography was there to take phenomenal, high quality Santa photos of families! To top this experience off, Burgess was actually present to greet families and sign autographed copies of her book. It was an incredible experience that I actually hope will be around for years to come. Follow Snow Globe Santa on IG or contact Kathryn Lee Burgess directly to find locations and dates near you!



Thanks for joining in on this family experience. I hope it inspires you to explore fun ideas like this in your area. My biggest advice to you during the holidays is to not sweat breaking all the traditions you are used to doing. That is what makes 2020…well…2020. Embrace the idea that everything is different this year and it will be an amazing story for you to tell your kids/grandkids decades from now! If you cannot find experiences like this or you are homebound for whatever reason, create your own holiday experiences. Maybe start with a Reindeer Games or a holiday themed Couples’ At-Home Date Night. But whatever you do, don’t let ANYTHING ruin your Christmas spirit!

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SNOW GLOBE SANTA: The Kid Book That Saves Christmas 2020